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Bali, also known as “The Island of Gods”, is more than a destination. It stirs emotion within of thoughts of an exotic paradise, enriched deep with mystical tradition and spirituality! Our Mocean Tribe Retreat Villas is located in Uluwatu, Bali. Offering a contemporary sanctuary’s set in lush, tropical gardens, perfectly embodying the concept of Mocean Tribe. Should you wish to visit some of Bali’s temples and historic sites, play a round of golf, or stroll through the streets of Seminyak, it’s all just 25 minutes away. Well known for its high concentration of surf and wakeboard spots, beautiful outdoors, rice paddies and mountains for hiking, as well as being internationally regarded as one of the eight “Chakra” points of the world, Bali is true to the essence of Mocean Tribes ethos! So why not embark on an adventure, and find your tribe with us in Bali!



Rote Island is a part of Kupang Regency and is the southernmost island of Indonesia. It is located in the west coast of Kupang. This exotic island can be reached only in 2 hours. From Bali by air. Spectacular walls and caverns mirror the hills, valleys, and escarpments underwater. The marine life is so varied and profuse that is hard to believe from Fire-fish to Mantas. Our resort is newly built and currently Rote's No1 most luxurious lodgings on the island. Yoga and fitness classes held on pavilion with tatami mats, training here while listening to the waves break, and feeling the sea breeze is pure bliss. Other activities, snorkling, diving, paddle boarding in mangrove, beach dinner with camp fire, visiting schools to hand out much needed school materials and integrate with the local community.

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